IPO Stocks Coming Soon – 2022 News

According to analysts, the trend of going public in 2022 will not subside, but rather gain momentum. The beginning of all this was the so-called phenomenon of the unicorn. In the not-so-distant past year 2021, nearly 2,500 thousand firms participated in the IPO process, and as a result, were able to raise more than $ 400 billion when going public, these results have broken all historical records, and it really is incredible. In this article, we take a look at the list of companies whose IPO stocks are coming soon, or rather which are just supposed to.

A general brightening of the topic of IPO in 2022

Venture analysts and market strategists are divided into two camps. Some are confident that IPO will not lose momentum through 2022, while others question whether it will be a new boom or bust. Some compare the IPO to a lottery ticket, saying that we will be lucky, but what will actually happen, we can only see when the time comes. Experts also warn of sharp drops in the value of new stocks. We are warned of risks that may not happen immediately. More than once, we’ve noticed that a company that first raised its value several times, would drop it several times in the next year and trade below its normal price.

But the good news is that there are still acquisitions companies operating in the market that are looking for deals, and they are the ones contributing to the positive development of the IPO

IPO calendar: Who’s going public soon? 

The market is gearing up for a number of big events in the new 2022, and we already know the list of companies that are inclined to do an IPO. Despite the favorable projections, we don’t know if these transactions will be as explosive a success as they were last year. Still, we offer a look at the new contenders to go public:

  • Discord

No official announcement has yet been made from the company itself, but investors are already on the lookout for Discord’s IPO, as Discord finalized talks with Microsoft last April to acquire it for at least $10 billion. The owners of the online chatroom see it as a big win for both the company and its more than 150 million customers, but they have not said exactly what they will do.

  • Impossible

The owner of the vegan food company has already announced that the company is moving steadily toward IPO, but has not outlined any specific timeline. The company is counting on an appraisal from investors for about $10 billion. With that announcement, the company could really compete with artificial meat company Beyond, which went public in 2019 and was valued at $5 billion.

  • Instacart

Instacart is a food delivery firm. It was going to do an IPO back in 2021, and some sources say it was valued at $50 billion. But with a new CEO, the IPO was delayed until 2022. The company explains that it wanted to expand its services to include more than just food delivery. In addition, Instacart has some advantages in the form of a fast-growing advertising campaign.

  • Reddit

In December 2021, the company officially filed to go public this year. No further details were known, and the amount the company plans to raise remained secret. But according to rumors, the company expects to raise $ 15 billion.